The Construction of Pekkatori and the Sailing Ship Era

After the fire the town was quickly rebuilt. Houses were brought from the countryside, and some were even transported across the Gulf of Bothnia, from Sweden.

The largest and the most impressive building complex was naturally the new marketplace, Pekkatori, with its buildings. As a square composition, Pekkatori represents the closed corner square type conforming to the ideals of Italian Renaissance, and is one of the best preserved examples of its kind in Europe.

Due to the recovering shipping, Raahe began to prosper and grow in the 19th century The town was extended several times. During the Crimean War, the Englishmen that landed in May 1854 burnt down the town’s shipyards, and tar and pitch burning yards, among other things. The devastation of the war was 3 million euros in today’s money. The latter part of the century was a time of prosperity for Raahe. The sailing ship era brought the town a merchant fleet, which at its best consisted of 58 vessels. Almost all of these were built on town’s own shipyards. During 1867—1875 Raahe was the biggest shipowner town in Finland.

Raahe Pearl Of The North

  • August Maximilian Myhrberg Park
    August Maximilian Myhrberg Park
  • Raahe Bull Market
    Raahe Bull Market
  • Raahe Town Hall
    Raahe Town Hall
  • Urho Kekkonen Statue Plaque
    Urho Kekkonen Statue Plaque
  • Beacon Flag Festival (Pooki Flakkaa)
    Beacon Flag Festival (Pooki Flakkaa)
  • Raahe Museum Beach and Cafe
    Raahe Museum Beach and Cafe
  • Raahe Museum Beach
    Raahe Museum Beach
  • Raahe Summer Festival
    Raahe Summer Festival
  • Raahe Guest Harbour
    Raahe Guest Harbour
  • Raahe Beach
    Raahe Beach
  • Raahe Church from Beach
    Raahe Church from Beach
  • Raahe Beach Facilities
    Raahe Beach Facilities
  • Jacob's Spring Plaque
    Jacob's Spring Plaque
  • Raahe Church Tower
    Raahe Church Tower
  • Raahe Church from Pekkatori
    Raahe Church from Pekkatori
  • Summer Food Fry-up
    Summer Food Fry-up
  • Summer Fish Delicacies
    Summer Fish Delicacies

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