A Quiet Period

As the 1880s drew closer, the sailing ship era came to an end. Steamships began to take care of the foreign trade. At first the shipowners of Raahe did not believe in the triumphal march of the steamships, and therefore did not invest in them. Raahe, the busy shipping town turned back to a leisurely country town.

However, new schools were founded during the quiet period. The Raahe Burgher and Commercial School was founded in 1882 by the funds left by Johan and Baltzar Fellman. The Teachers’ College for Women was founded in 1896.

A private railway from Raahe to Lappi station was a great show of effort. The track was opened in 1899. Attempts were made by the track to recover the vast inland trading areas that were lost after the railway of Ostrobothnia was built.

For the first decades of the 20th century, Raahe lived on agriculture, education, the harbour, sawmill industry and the incipient metal industry.

Raahe Pearl Of The North

  • August Maximilian Myhrberg Park
    August Maximilian Myhrberg Park
  • Raahe Bull Market
    Raahe Bull Market
  • Raahe Town Hall
    Raahe Town Hall
  • Urho Kekkonen Statue Plaque
    Urho Kekkonen Statue Plaque
  • Beacon Flag Festival (Pooki Flakkaa)
    Beacon Flag Festival (Pooki Flakkaa)
  • Raahe Museum Beach and Cafe
    Raahe Museum Beach and Cafe
  • Raahe Museum Beach
    Raahe Museum Beach
  • Raahe Summer Festival
    Raahe Summer Festival
  • Raahe Guest Harbour
    Raahe Guest Harbour
  • Raahe Beach
    Raahe Beach
  • Raahe Church from Beach
    Raahe Church from Beach
  • Raahe Beach Facilities
    Raahe Beach Facilities
  • Jacob's Spring Plaque
    Jacob's Spring Plaque
  • Raahe Church Tower
    Raahe Church Tower
  • Raahe Church from Pekkatori
    Raahe Church from Pekkatori
  • Summer Food Fry-up
    Summer Food Fry-up
  • Summer Fish Delicacies
    Summer Fish Delicacies

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